All felts are all natural, made of 100% pure wool. We offer a selection of color choices, and they are all stain-proof and fireproof.


A high quality selection of imported leather allows you to customize your chair to match your space. A variety of color options for both the leather and the stitching are available.


Bamboo is one of the fastest regenerating plants on earth. When the culms are cut, new culms continue to grow from the roots, making bamboo a self-renewing natural resource. Certain species of bamboo grow at a rate of 1m per day, reaching a height of 30m in 6 months.


Bamboo harvesting time is 10 to 20 times faster than wood, with a similar level of CO2 absorption. Its natural antibacterial properties mean it does not require extensive chemical treatment in processing, making it safer and cleaner than wood.



Hermes Vermillion Epsom Calfskin Red
White Leather
Brown Cuir Leather

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